Rev. Rebecca's Explanation & Guide
to All Things Anglican

I. Anglicans & Episcopalians: An Explanation

II. Why Liturgy?

III. The Sacraments: Baptism and Eucharist

IV. Worship and Practice in Anglicanism:

The Altar
The use of Anointing Oil
The use of Bells
The Act of Blessing People and Objects
The use of Candles
The use of Chant
The Use of the Creeds
The Use of the Crucifix
Female Clergy
The Use of Holy Water
The Use of Images, Signs, and Symbols
The Use of Incense
The use of Liturgical Seasons & Holy Days
The Use of Liturgical Vestments
Membership: Confirmation & Reception
Ordination: Bishops, Priests, and Deacons
The Passing of the Peace
Making the Sign of the Cross
The Acts of Sitting, Kneeling, Bowing, and Standing
The Use of Water in Communion Wine
The Use of Written prayers and Collects


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